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snaps 18july vitrine out snipped

j’aime le papier, les petits bouts trouvés et

des choses jetées par les autres.

je les mélange avec de la colle, des touches de couleur

en encre et en peinture et des matériaux ordinaires

puis, voilà mon monde intérieur devient visible.

On peut voir ces créations à

8, rue des abbès tanguy / 29930 pont-aven




* * * * *

i love paper, found odds and ends, discarded bits and pieces.

i mix these things with glue, paints, inks and other ordinary materials

then, voilà, my imagination becomes visible.

the resulting objects, paintings, drawings and notebooks

can be seen at 8, rue des abbès tanguy / 29930 pont-aven



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7 thoughts on “à propos

  1. Lynn Muir Reply

    If there ever was a Willy Wonka’s of art galleries then art scraps would be it. You will not need a golden ticket to enter and when you do you will know that you have come across something rather special in Pont Aven. Artist in residence Melissa allows you to meander through her work, and it can take a few visits, answering your questions and discussing her work and inspirations. A true pleasure to be able to spend time in this wonderful place called , art scraps. I cannot wait to come back next year.
    Merci beau coup.

  2. Kropacz Weronika Reply

    Nous avons visité l’atelier de Melissa aujourd’hui avec notre petite famille. Merci pour un merveilleux accueil qui a permis à notre fille, Weronika de confirmer son choix de dessiner et découvrir le monde magique de l’art. Nous avons emporté avec nous un souvenir chalereux et un dessin qui nous permettra de penser à ce moment inoubliable.
    Merci à Melissa, de transmettre sa passion et son engegement avec tant de conviction et d’enthousiasme!
    Weronika espère maintenant échanger quelques traveaux avec vous et je suis sûre, sera très heureuse de continuer à vous adresser ses questions quant aux différentes techniques de scrap art.
    Encore merci pour aujourd’hui,

    1. melissa Reply

      quel grand plaisir d’avoir fait votre connaissance. weronika & moi partageons une appréciation profonde de la création avec n’importe quel matériau à portée de main. l’inspiration est réciproque! j’ai hâte de commencer notre échange de ‘mail art’…

  3. Richard and Jo Holly Reply

    A huge thank you Melissa for your warm welcome last month. After a day plodding around PA and not feeling particularly inspired we happened to walk into art scraps. This changed our day completely – the art was so interesting and thought-provoking and in particular you engaged our children utterly and completely in the magic of your gallery. They’d spent the day being told to keep their voices down, not to touch, to be careful etc and then you involved them in art in so many different ways. They loved the old typewriter (can’t believe they’d never heard of one before), had a ball with the pencil sharpener and absolutely loved rolling mini paw prints up their arms! We’re so grateful that you made art interesting and accessible to them, rather than something remote and sterile. We had a pitcher of hot chocolate as you recommended (fantastic thanks) and left the village having had a brilliant visit to art scraps. We wish you all the very best with the gallery and hope to see you again next year.
    P.S. Several of your little art scraps are now framed and hanging in our kitchen and look absolutely fantastic

    1. melissa Reply

      HeLLO HoLLy-folk!
      your visit was a highlight for me too. i admit to being slightly concerned on seeing all that rubber stamped skin leaving the shop, thinking that our fun might seem less charming when time for soapy washcloths…but, heck, it was vacation! i hope that we may we meet again [on either side of the channel] and am truly contented that you have some art scraps along with our happy memories.

  4. Kathie and Eleanor Reply

    Oh my! The whole family fell in love with Melissa and Art Scraps on our day trip to Pont Aven on our holiday. Melissa was kind and interesting and inspirational. She has been the subject of many conversations since our all too brief visit to her aladin’s cave. And now we are home our art journals are out and we are being creative too in response to this lovely place and your kindness x

    1. melissa Reply

      i blush!
      more importantly, i revel in imagining those journals plumping up with your bits & pieces — written, drawn and/or found. there is no wrong way to play! come back to art scraps next year & maybe we can make some new pages together? let’s ! ! !
      for now, accept my thanks for the kind comments along with big gluey hugs to one & all.

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